Scrolling through my instagram last night I saw the disney princess mehron makeup monday competition and I did a little happy dance, I could totally do this, I could be a disney princess…only I couldn’t.

As a kid I loved The Little Mermaid, me and my sister would play dress up and fight over who would get to be Ariel (usually involving lots of terrible singing to prove who had the vocal skills of Ariel – neither of us), so naturally she was my first choice of princess and I had a great idea of how to really jazz up her look. Of course, it couldn’t be a plain old vanilla “here’s me dressed up as Ariel”, it had to be something creepy and cool so my amazing plan was to have parts of my face look like the skin had ripped off with fish scales underneath, with all the unripped parts being classic disney look. Here’s what I ended up with

Fish Scales Face Paint

Is it a dragon? A lizard? Nope, it’s supposed to be a mermaid

Yeah, I know, it’s not exactly a mermaid look it’s way more dragonesque. I could have just washed it off and tried out something else but I’m absolutely obsessed with how to get a really amazing fish scale look, I scoured youtube and watched a load of videos that all had the same advice “put the fishnets on your head” and that look is great, really, I love it but it’s more snake/lizard/dragon than fish scale. I even googled fish scales to see if I could figure out how to replicate that look but after a good few hours of experimenting on my arm I got nothing that really came off looking real rather than drawn on.

At about 3am I decided to get some shut eye, check my pictures in the morning and see if anything suddenly looked like it worked…it didn’t. Pretty sure all my other face painting endeavours are on hold until I figure this one out but hopefully by the end I’m going to be able to do the most amazing fish scales.

One good lesson I learnt that no one mentioned in their videos – do the fishnets on your head part BEFORE you put on your false eyelashes unless you like the feeling of not being able to blink and the glorious double vision that comes along with it.

Share your tips with me, pretty please

If any of you have any tips on how to get a really amazing fish scale look that doesn’t involve a pair of fishnets tell me your secrets! I feel like my brain is going to be stuck on this forever…or “until the sunsets in three days”. Don’t pretend like you don’t get the reference, it can’t be just me that knows disney films off by heart.