I don’t get to paint others very often, so it was a rare treat after two days of rain when Voldy decided to get in on the body painting action and agreed to be painted. There were a few conditions – mainly that I painted him while he was laying down watching a film, and occasionally fed him bits of chocolate.

TeaIsForTeagan Bigby Wolf Facepaint

Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us Cell Shading Body Paint

Unfortunately we didn’t have too much time to complete the look, and it turns out it’s pretty hard to paint on someone that’s laying down and has a habit of unexpectedly moving.

He wasn’t a huge fan of getting his hair straightened, he only got poked in the eye once by a makeup brush (he moved) and he nodded off at the end, but overall he was a ridiculously patient and good model.

Products Used:

  • Diamond FX White Body Paint
  • Diamond FX Black Body Paint
  • Mehron Paradise Black Body Paint
  • Mehron Paradise Grey Body Paint
  • Mehron Paradise Blue Body Paint
  • Clinique 05 Neutral Foundation
  • BH Cosmetics Palette First Edition Variety of Brown Eyeshadow

It was great fun painting a cell shaded comic style look and I love the finished product, I wish I’d had more time to really get all the detail in.

I also discovered for the first time how tricky it is to paint on chest hair! Talk about tangling up your brushes!