Colourvue Crazy Lens Blackout Review

Price: £14.99 per pair
Qty: 2 lenses (1 for each eye)
Colour: Black Out
Lens Type: Monthly
Prescription: -6.00
Bought From: Lentiamo

My favourite thing about blackout lenses is they look “off”, but not so off that people can instantly tell what gives them that creepy feeling when they see you. If you go full sclera or some other crazy unnatural-looking colour then it’s obvious you’re wearing lenses. These are a bit more subtle.

Colourvue Crazy Lens Review


They’re blackout lenses and they live up to the name. The one issue I had that I wasn’t expecting was that my iris showed on the inner ring. Because I’ve got quite light blue eyes it was quite noticeable. On most of the pictures on this post, you’ll be able to see that little ring of colour. To be fair though, it’s going to be a lot less noticeable if you’re planning to wear these out at night or to a party.

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When you first put in blackout lenses you can see a black ring around your vision. It’s a little weird but I always find that after a couple of minutes you don’t even notice anymore. Just be aware that your peripheral vision might be slightly less than normal because of the areas to the sides and above and below that the black part of the lens is covering.

I got these with a prescription and my vision was the same as it is with my regular contact lenses.

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There are nice and comfortable. I usually wear quarterlies and these lenses didn’t feel noticeably different from my regular lenses.

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Colourvue offer these lenses in powers between 0 and -6.00 so there’s a nice range for those of us that are visually impaired. Sadly they don’t do mixed boxes so if you’ve got different prescriptions for each eye you’ll have to buy two sets, one pair for each eye.

The base curve (8.6) and diameter (14) are fixed so you’ll need to make sure that those measurements fit your eye.

The range of colours, patterns, pictures…is brilliant. There’s lots of variety to choose from so you should be able to find something to fit whatever occasion it is you want them for.


I love these lenses. They’re comfy and affordable. I’m a huge fan of wearing one black lens for lots of the looks I do as it makes the lens more noticeable and can really add to the effect in some cases.