Contracted is one of those films that totally disturbed my mind. It’s a total creep fest, not in that gory guts and blood and brains all over the place kind of way, more that creepy uneasy sensation with some super disturbing imagery thrown in.

Anyways, here’s a tutorial for how you can create your very own contracted zombie.

Products Used:

  • Mehron Paradise in White
  • Blush Matte Palette Green, Red, Yellow, Brown, Grey, Purple and Black
  • Makeup Revolution Orange Hypocrisy Eyeliner
  • Makeup Revolution Facepowder
  • Colourvue white contact (just one because that’s extra creepy)
  • Mehron Liquid Latex
  • Porridge/oats for scab

For that nasty looking scabby bit on the lip you lay down a layer of latex, let it get a little tacky, press on some wet porridge, cover that in another layer of latex and just keep building it up until it’s scabby enough for you. Then of course colour it with face paints or matte eyeshadows to make it look extra icky and oozy.