The perfect look for any event that’s showing national pride, this’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

Products Used

  • Mehron Paradise Paint (Berry Red, Blue, White)
  • Lash Glue
  • Cosmetic Glitter (Midnight Blue, Aurora White, Red)
  • Blush Matte Eyeshadow (Brick Red, Pink, Black)


  • Use a brush you don’t care about for the glue and glitter.
  • Don’t put the glue on too thin, you want to be able to peel it off rather than have to scrub it off (trust me, I made this mistake in a few areas and it was basically like rubbing my face with sand paper).
  • If you have barrier spray put it on first to prevent staining – the colour from the glitter might come off a bit when it gets wet from the glue.
  • Make sure you use cosmetic glitter, the stuff you get from the craft shop could be made from metal or contain all kinds of nasties that you really wouldn’t want to be getting in your eyes.
  • If you’re wearing this to a party you might want to skip the glitter lips unless you want to end up drinking some glitter. It could be a nasty surprise if you smooch anyone too.
  • Your house/flat is going to get contaminated with glitter forever (not a tip, more a warning – maybe you could do it in the garden and just have sparkly grass instead)


  1. Draw out the drips at the bottom of the flag with a light eyeliner, a light eyeshadow or a light face paint. This will act as a guide when you fill in the flag.
  2. Draw the flag with face paint keeping within the borders of your drips.
  3. Colour in the sections of the flag with face paint using the same colour as the glitter you’re going to put on top of each section. Even though you’re going to put glitter over the top this will ensure that you don’t get patches of skin colour showing through.
  4. Working one section at a time, cover a small area of the section with glue then put glitter on top of it. Complete all sections of that colour, then move on to the next colour (if you are using the same brush for multiple colours make sure you wash off any excess glitter between colours).
  5. Once you’ve covered the whole flag in glitter it’s time to make it really pop. Take a red matte eyeshadow and carefully go round all the drips, then blend the eyeshadow out. This should make the skin around the drips look a bit inflamed.
  6. Take a matte black eyeshadow and add shadows around the edges of the drips. You could either put a line of eyeshadow all the way around all the drips then blend it out slightly which would make it look as if the light source was coming from above, or put it on the outer edges (starting at the nose the shadows go on the sides of each drip facing your ears) which will make it look like you are facing the light source.
  7. Cover your lips in lash glue and add red glitter to them.
  8. Add any finishing touches – lashes, contacts, wigs etc