Global Colours Metallic Cream Bodypaint Review

I’m always on the hunt for some good metallic body paints and after battling it out with some lacklustre water activated ones I decided to give Global Colours Metallic creams a go and wow was I happy that I did.

Price: £4.99
Qty: 45ml
Colours: Gold and Silver
Formula: Cream
Bought FromThe Face Painting Shop (UK)


Both the gold and the silver have amazing coverage. It’s super opaque and you don’t need to build it up too much to get a really decent looking metallic base.


It is a super thick body paint. I’d say it’s a little thinner than lip gloss, but pretty similar to a regular acrylic paint or ketchup. Because the formula is so thick you do need to use quite a bit of it to get good coverage. This is especially true if you use a dry brush. I found that a damp brush made the paint go a bit further and made it easier to apply, but at the same time took away some of the opaqueness of the paint so you probably end up using about the same amount.


The pots are pretty small (I got the 45ml one) and I used probably just under a quarter to do my face (only the face). The gold look where it’s on my neck, chest, shoulders and in my hair used up around half the pot. My hair loves face paints and drinks up a tonne of it, and because it’s dark I really have to layer it to get the colour showing through so if you have lighter hair then you probably wouldn’t need to use as much as I did in your hair.

I’d say you’d get a good 4-5 adult sized faces out of one pot. If you wanted to do a whole body you’ll probably want the 200ml pot instead.

If you’re just using it for gold accents on your designs rather than full bases then it’ll probably last you a good while.

Texture Highlight

One of the things that I’m always looking out for is metallic paints that give you a textureless finish. I want to look like an oscar, like I’m made of gorgeous dripping liquid textureless gold. Unfortunately like with the rest of the metallics I’ve used this isn’t going to give you a textureless finish, it actually highlights texture. Anyone that’s got a little bit of a mo or some facial fuzz will get to see it amplified in the most sparkly way possible.

You can build the product up because it’s so thick to give you that textureless liquid gold look (check out the lips on my gold and pearl makeup) but unfortunately it doesn’t set. Or, possibly it would set but you’d need to wait around 17 years for that to happen.

Global Colours Metallic Body Paint Review

Check out all that texture


I’ve found with some other paints with similar consistencies/thickness that they end up cracking and flaking off after a while. This body paint managed to survive crack free! Hurrah!


Another issue I’ve had with similar paints is the dreaded creasing. This one seemed to be able to handle facial movement pretty darn well. The paint didn’t settle into my forehead creases and stayed pretty darn flat.

Creasing was a bit of an issue on the eyelids, but to be fair I didn’t keep my eyes closed to let it dry like I normally would (whoops). Like with most paints you’ll need to set the eye area with a matching gold eyeshadow/pigment to keep that area looking good.


Once you’re totally covered and looking nice and shiny it does feel a little masky and tight. It feels like it could crack if you move your face around too much, but despite my best facial contortion efforts to make it crack it stayed crack free.


For my face and body transfer was pretty minimal. It set to dry and even though I popped a hoody on while I was wearing this look (it got a little chilly!) none of the paint rubbed off onto it.

I did pop some paint on my hands though and that didn’t work so well. It didn’t seem to set properly and ended up being sticky. With my hands I got quite a lot of transfer onto anything I touched, and it made a super satisfying unsticking noise similar to the one that happens when you stand up from a leather sofa on a hot day.

If you’re going to put this on your hands, or anywhere that comes into contact with a lot of things then you’ll probably want to set it with that eyeshadow you’re using for your eyelids and a setting spray and try not to touch anything. Or maybe just wait a bit longer for it to dry properly.

Staying Power

I’m really impressed with the staying power of this one. I had it on for around 6 hours and it still looked pretty much perfect by the end of it and the shine hadn’t died down. Admittedly I wasn’t doing anything high energy like dancing the night away (I was cleaning my house because what else can you do when you’re covered in gold paint in the middle of the day!) so I can’t vouch for how well it would hold up under sweatier conditions.


I love the finish and how opaque it comes out, and because it’s a cream it definitely takes less time to apply than a water based paint cake does. It also looks a lot brighter than other metallic paints that I’ve tried. Even though it does feel a little maskish I can live with that so that I can be this sparkly for a night.

I think the biggest con is the amount of applications you get from the pot. At £4.99, if you only manage to get 5 faces out of it then it’s around £1 per face. Not bad, but when you consider how many faces you can get out of a similarly priced water activated paint it does work out quite a bit more expensive.

Despite the slightly higher price compared to water activated paints I would totally repurchase this body paint and will probably be adding a few more colours to my collection when I get the chance, I’ve got my eye out for the metallic pearl (so in love with this one and kicking myself for not getting it with the gold and silver) and the fluoros.

Get The Look

I filmed a little tutorial of this gold and pearl look so if you want to know how you can look this glam here it is.


Have any of you guys tried out the Global Body Colours cream paints? What did you think of them?