I don’t know if this totally counts as drugstore because you do need some sfx gelatine, but you can still pick up the bits you need at from the supermarket and a pharmacy.

There are a tonne of recipes out there for homemade gelatine, but if you want to know my secret home brew then let me know in the comments and I’ll get up a tutorial for it.


  • Foundation to colour gelatine (doesn’t need to be a perfect match, scars generally aren’t a perfect match)
  • Concealer for adding highlights to burns
  • Reds/Pinks for breaking up the burns (could use blushes, eyeshadows, face paints, lipsticks…whatever you can find)
  • Blacks/Purples for adding depth to the burns (again, whatever you can find in your makeup bag)

Specific Products I Used:

  • Homemade SFX Gelatin
  • MUA Matte Perfect Foundation in Fair
  • Makeup Revolution Liquid Blusher in Pink and Coral
  • Blush Professional Matte Palette
  • Makeup Revolution Colour Corrector in Green
  • Makeup Revolution Concealer

I hope you like this tutorial guys!