La Muerte Face Paint Tutorial

My latest (second ever!) youtube video, the lovely La Muerte from The Book of Life which is an amazing film so give it a watch if you haven’t already seen it. Here’s the video if you want to recreate the look.

So…making youtube videos is hard! I mean, I never imagined it was easy, but I kind of thought it was a case of filming yourself, cutting out the bits of the video that you don’t want, recording a voice over and boom, you’re sorted.

Friends feedback on the video was basically

Well…uh…the paintings good, but you sound so disinterested
You know the voice over on google maps? Yeah, that could be you

The general consensus seems to be I need to try and sound more enthusiastic – and I am ridiculously enthusiastic about painting, I just don’t know how to get that across in my voice when I’m staring at a screen and speaking into a microphone.

Anyway, I guess with time and the feedback of good friends I can only improve right…?

If any of you have any tips for how I can make my videos better, or looks you’d like to see then let me know in the comments x