Qty: 35g
Price: £10.95
Formula: Greasepaint
Colour: White
Bought From: Tilt Makeup (London, Camden)

I’m on the hunt for a decent opaque white base so I figured I’d give a white greasepaint a go and I was pretty impressed!

It comes in the classic face paint cake pot with a black bottom and a clear lid so you can easily see which colour you’re grabbing for. The lid screws on which is great because this is a product you definitely don’t want getting on anything else. The packaging feels pretty durable so it’s unlikely to crack or break easily.

When I first got it I was pretty impressed with the size of the cake. I did feel like it was a little on the expensive side seeing as the Mehron Paradise Face Paints are cheaper and you get 5 more grams of product. But, once I started playing around with it I changed my mind. I think it’s well worth the extra couple of quid because of how well it performs. You also don’t need that much per application so you should get a decent amount of faces out of it.

The formula itself feels a lot like butter. I know that people hate makeup products being described as buttery, but seriously guys, it’s like butter.

Applying it was fairly easy especially if it’s a little warm. Give it a little smoosh around with your fingers or a sponge before you start applying it.

Mehron Greaspaint Foundation White Sketch Face Paint
I found the best way to apply it was to get an initial coat down with a dense firm foundation brush, then to take a makeup wedge and press it all over to smooth and even it all out. Avoid swiping with the sponge because it’s very moveable! I love how quickly it goes on though! It really doesn’t take long to get a good opaque coverage with it.

Because greasepaint doesn’t set or dry you need to powder the hell out of it. Like more powder than you ever though would be reasonable. It’s pretty easy to tell when you’ve powdered it enough because it goes from feeling really sticky to feeling nice and dry.

I did screw up a little with the powdering, I tried to use a big fluffy makeup brush which ended up making everything a little cakey because the powder just sticks in clumps to the paint and it’s very hard to brush off the excess when it’s clumped up. A big powder puff is supposed to be the best for powdering greasepaints (it’s on my shopping list).

Greasepaints do feel quite heavy on your skin, and the Mehron one is no different. I’d say it’s pretty similar to a heavy coverage foundation. It doesn’t feel too maskish, or like it would crack or restrict movement like some paints do. But, if it’s a warm day then you’ll probably feel a little greasy from it.

Mehron Greasepaint Foundation in White First Impression

One of the best things about this greasepaint is how touch proof it is! Once it’s on and powdered you can touch away and it’ll stay put. Obviously, if you start really rubbing your face things are going to start getting smudgy, but it’s definitely not the type of paint where you feel like you can’t touch your face at all. It’s also pretty waterproof which is another bonus! No more worrying about sweating off your hard work half way through the night!

Removal is a nightmare. Regular makeup wipes aren’t going to do all that much to shift it without some serious scrubbing. Soap and water can work but again you’re going to be scrubbing pretty hard to get it off. I ended up going the traditional olive oil route. Dab on a nice layer of it, give it a minute to do it’s work then wipe it off and the paint should come with it.

While greasepaint is great for opaque bases, it’s not so great for detail work. It’s not something you’d want to be trying to do thin lines or details with. It’s not impossible, but there are better choices for detail work. It is pretty good for blending with other greasepaints though, seeing as it doesn’t dry you’ve got plenty of time to blend away. Make sure you blend it before you powder it.

I’m super impressed with the Mehron Greasepaint. For opaque bases, it outperforms water activated paints by far in my opinion. I think it’s well worth the extra couple of quid to save you time applying your base and having it looking good for much longer.  The only real downside is the fact it is that it’s thick and greasy so you can feel it when you’re wearing it. But seeing as it’s face paint and not foundation I don’t think that’s a big deal. I wouldn’t be using it every day and I’m happy to put up with feeling my makeup when I’m doing something dramatic.

I will be doing a full review on it once I’ve been using it for a while and I’ll update with how many applications I get out the cake.

Have any of you guys tried Mehrons Greasepaint? What did you think? I got the Mehron Cream Blend stick as well so I’ll be giving that a go soon to see which one I prefer.