I can’t even believe it, I woke up yesterday morning checked my facebook and saw the thumbnails for the newest issue of the magazine and there I was on page two!!! After doing a little happy dance I headed over to the magazines site and checked out the preview of the magazine which luckily let me see my page…and that’s when I did a facepalm so big that it could have caused a mini earthquake.

TeaisforTeagan Mehindi Body Paint

Mehndi Inspired Body Paint

Let’s go back to the night of the body paint, it took a really long time and when all the shots were done I headed over the site to submit my piece for a cover contest for the magazine. I was running on about 2 hours sleep and was about to jump in the car to go to a festival so I was short on sleep and short on time.

One of the boxes on the submission form said “Tell us a bit about you and about the piece” what it absolutely did not say was “We are going to publish this in the magazine next to your piece so if you don’t want to sound like an idiot at the very least spell check it.” *sigh*

Here are some of my favourite facepalm quotes:

“I couldn’t rustle up a model that would agree to being nude :(“ – sad face emoji! What was I thinking?!?

“trying to paint your opposite arm is so tricky!!!” – no shit sherlock, and what’s with the triple exclamation marks? Seriously? In a magazine? I know I use them all the time on here, but not in a magazine.

“had to wake my boyfriend up at 5am to take pictures while googling how to work a fancy camera.” – way to advertise my amazing skills with photography googling.

“It was quite an eventful night!” – Eventful night? Not really, I spent the whole night painting myself, it wasn’t like there was a ninja attack or something.

“I was daydreaming about what I wanted to paint while I was making a cup of tea” – I have no words to describe how much this line makes me want to punch myself in the face.

“I haven’t been paint long” – You’ve never been paint fool, you’ve always been human. Did I not even bother to read over what I wrote?

“This is definitely the most fun and ambitious piece.” – What in the entire world? This was actually supposed to end with “that I have ever done” but either it got cut off by a word limit that I failed to notice, or I just failed at typing *sigh*

After I submitted my piece I sent off an email to the magazine because I didn’t get any confirmation of submission, but being out in the desert meant I had no access to the internet for a week. When I got back I hadn’t heard from them and the competition deadline had passed so I figured that they probably hadn’t received my submission or email and there was no point in chasing it up.

Regardless of how badly I want to facepalm when I read what’s written next to my piece, I’m so thrilled to be on page two of the issue that I can’t even put it into words. As I mentioned I had entered the piece for the cover competition which I didn’t win but the piece that won was absolutely fantastic and totally deserved to win the spot, the paint work and the photography are both amazing and it looks so good on the cover.