The products for this really depend on your own skin tone, so I’ve split it into two lists, one which describes what kind of products you should use, and one that lists the products I’ve specifically used just in case you’re like OMG that foundation giving off that ashy dead look is goals.

Products to use to do this:

  • Light coverage foundation a few shades lighter than your skin (cool toned if you’re already cool toned)
  • Face powder matching the foundation/Translucent Powder
  • Red Eyeshadow with a matching undertone
  • Purple Eyeshadow that matches your natural eye bags (if you don’t have eye bags then match it to your skins undertone)
  • Blood Coloured Lipstick (liquid to matte works best because it sets)

Specific Products I Used:

  • MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation
  • Collection Pressed Powder
  • Blush Professional Red, Purple & Yellow Eyeshadow
  • NYX Milk Eye Pencil
  • Makeup Revolution Liquid Lipstick in Rebel
  • Lash Glue

There’s a couple of tips that I forgot to mention in the video (oops) so here they are:

  • With the red patches on the skin it helps to build the product up really slowly otherwise it can end up looking a bit like classic clown cheeks.
  • With the veiny lines when you apply them you if you tap them gently it will take away some of the intensity.
  • A tube of lash glue will be MUCH easier to use than trying to apply it with something else.
  • If you don’t have a tube of glue and have to apply it with something, don’t use a brush that you love because lash glue will gunk it up and you’ll probably have to throw it away (I use the back of my tweezers – the lash glue peels right off them).

I’m so sad that another season has come and gone! There’s a big game of thrones shaped hole in my week and I’m seriously considering starting in on American Horror Story because I’ve heard a tonne of good things about it, and you know, there’s enough seasons for a good few binge watch sessions before GoT comes back around.

I hope you liked this tutorial guys, and let me know which was your favourite character death in the show? I’m in a toss up between this one and the death of the newest most hated character (I don’t want to say his name because spoilers, but I’m sure if you’re up to date you know who I mean).