I’m kind of loving all the competitions that keep popping up on my instagram feed, so when I saw one for twisted disney I rolled up my sleeves aggressively and was like “Let’s do dis”, well, ok, that didn’t really happen, I was probably drinking a cup of tea and thought “ohhh fun!”

One of the main things people are judged on was originality and creativity so I scrolled through the entries to make sure nothing I was thinking of had been done already…and it was, multiple times over. After thinking a bit I figured the one thing no one was doing was twisting it the other way, there’s a billion pictures of horror princesses, but no one had taken a villain and made them nice.

Enter Rasta-scarian!!!

TeaIsForTeagan Rastascarian Face Paint

Imagine if scar had just been a chilled out baby brother, more like Prince Harry!

This look was so much fun to do, although there was a version one which I decided that I didn’t like so much, the eyes were a bit too high and I was going for a realistic type of look and I just didn’t really pull it off. Plus the end result was a bit generic lion rather than scar.

TeaIsForTeagan Rastascarian Face Paint

First Attempt

So I did what any face painter would do, scrubbed it all off and started over.

I spent about 2 hours in the morning putting in those fake dreads with a ton of hair wax, along with the hair wraps and seriously my hair felt disgusting. It honestly felt like I had dipped it in a deep fat fryer. Unfortunately my hair is way too curly and it refused to look dready enough, and once I’d done the look for the second time they’d started to go a bit flat and curl up which meant I had to touch them all the time to try and puff them up for photos *shudder*. How do people wear hair wax? Do you just not touch your hair all day? I wonder if there’s people out there that like to touch waxy hair *double shudder*.

Trying to submit the pictures to the competition was a nightmare, I’m such an instagram newbie that I had to call my friend to tell me how to repost a picture and how to tag all the people in it, ugh. Instagram! Why don’t you have a repost button?!?!