I dreamed up this look quite a while ago but had to get hold of all the rhinestones and have a clear day to get it done. So with the flat to myself one day and thousands of rhinestones I got to it, unfortunately I hadn’t quite accounted for how long it was going to take (half the blooming  night!).

I originally wanted to make a time lapse of the process but after the first five hours I decided that the process was way too long to film and most of the video was me dropping rhinestones or hunting around for them.

If you want to recreate this look I would advise going for larger rhinestones, mine are 3mm ones and they took forever to apply, seriously, even just a mm bigger is going to save you a tonne of time. You could try spacing them further apart to give it a more “lines going down” effect. I used lash glue to attach all the rhinestones, but if you’re planning to wear something like this out then you might want to use spirit gum which is a stronger adhesive, but the lash glue is fairly strong and I found not too many of them fell off.

Tea Is For Teagan Rhinestone Matrix

How many Rhinestones do you think are glued to my face

You might want to give the rhinestones around your mouth area more spacing as I couldn’t actually open my mouth properly once they were all on.

The sunglasses while looking pretty funky, make you pretty much blind, so if you want to wear it out somewhere you won’t be able to wear the glasses and be able to see at the same time, or you could always leave a little space for you to peep out of.

Products used:

  • Diamond FX Black
  • 3mm Rhinestones (Dark Green, Light Green, Black)
  • Duo Lash Glue


  1. Paint your face, neck and shoulders black with black face paint.
  2. Starting in the centre of your forehead make a line of rhinestones going down to the bridge of your nose by applying a small amount of lash glue to your skin, attaching the rhinestones and repeating until the line is complete.
  3. Start glueing on more rhinestones in vertical lines to your forehead next to the line you have created. Once your forehead is covered you can use these lines as a guide for the rest of the lines covering your face.
  4. For the colour placement of the rhinestones you can either use a reference picture or just wing it. I started out with a reference picture but ended up freestyling most of it.
  5. If you want the glasses then paint a pair of sunglasses black and add the rhinestones with pva glue, try and match the lines up to the lines on your face to give it a more seamless look.
  6. If you want to have the hands rhinestones then use spirit gum, as you will have quite a lot of rhinestone fallout from the creases and movement in your hands (I don’t think spirit gum is going to actually stop them from falling off all over the place though tbh).

If you decide to attempt this look then I’d love to see the finished result! You can tag me in your looks over on instagram, or on fb or twitter – whatever your social media of choice is.