The Walking Dead is one of my absolute fave shows, and halloweens the perfect time to show your appreciation for your favourite creepy things with an awesome halloween costume. So of course I couldn’t let the halloween tea party pass without doing at least one TWD inspired look, and this one’s straight out of the comic books, a lovely little cel shaded zombie.

You don’t need too many products to pull this look off, you could really do it with just a black and a white paint, and mix them together to get the grey shade.

If I was wearing this out for halloween, I’d make a matching outfit, just grab a cheap t-shirt and pair of trousers and get a big felt tip (or fabric paint if you want to be able to use them more than once) and cel shade them to match. Of course, you could just dirty up some old clothes and wear those with it, but I think the cel shade thing would look a whole lot more amazing.


  • This look is all about light and shadow, if you don’t know much about light and shadow (in an arty kind of way) one of the easiest ways to find your feet with it is to start shining a torch at your face from different angles (watch your peepers) and see how the lights and shadows fall.
  • Using a detail brush will really help you get all those nice crisp lines which is part of the signature cel shaded look.
  • Don’t worry about 100% sticking to the shadow and light theory, it’s a great place to start, but take some artistic freedom and try to hit that spot between what’s real and what looks good.
  • For the teeth/anything that’s going on the lips it’s better to use a liquid to matte lipstick, or really any other kind of lipstick as they are designed to last on the lips. With face paint I find it deteriorates pretty fast in those areas, especially if you’re going to be eating and drinking.
  • Around the eyes, especially the lids and your crease need to be set with a matching eyeshadow otherwise the paint will rub off/crease pretty fast.
  • This look is really simple because it’s just a 3 colour look, the shadow, the midtone, and the highlight. Feel free to change up the colours (although obviously the shadow should still be darkest and the highlight should be lightest), and maybe go crazy and incorporate even more colours and go for some super fancy cel shading.

Products Used

  • Mehron Paradise Bodypaint – White
  • Mehron Paradise Bodypaint – Storm Grey
  • Mehron Paradise Bodypaint – Black
  • Sleek Ultra Matte v1 Palette – Pow! (White)
  • Blush Professional Matte Palette – Black

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Recreated This Look?

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Competition Time!

I’m having a little halloween competition over on instagram where you can post your own halloween look, hashtag it with #halloweenteapartycomp and tag me in the picture to be in with a chance of winning some goodies. The full details are over on my instagram if you feel like showing off your skills.