Product: Freedom Audacious Matte Palette (Nudes)
Price: £4
Weight: 12g
Shades: 12 (1g per shade)
Lasts For: 12 months
Bought From: Tam Beauty (online)

After organising my makeup collection I realised how many nude matte singles I had, I decided it was time to take the plunge and grab a palette of them. I am officially a nude matte hoarder! I was totally lusting after a million different nude matte palettes and watching about 5,072 reviews of them all I eventually settled on the Freedom Audacious Mattes palette. I’d never tried the brand before, but the matte palette had something a little special, it looked like the majority of the shades were cool toned! I know everyone is all about the warm toned looks this season, but if you’ve got cool toned skin then you know how much easier it is to make work with shadows that match your undertone.

Freedom 12 Audacious Nude Matte Palette Makeup Look


The formula is very soft, like so soft that one swipe with your brush will give you a decent amount of product on your brush. Unfortunately it also means that you’ll get quite a lot of product kicking up on the pan as well along with a nice dash of fallout when you’re applying it.

I don’t really mind fallout, so long as the shadows look great once my makeups done it doesn’t bother me if I need to a little bit of cleanup. The amount of fallout you get isn’t too dramatic so long as you don’t overload your brush, and if you give it a little tap before you start applying it’ll minimise that.


Because it’s such a soft formula it blends ridiculously easily. I’m a cheap eyeshadow hoarder along with a nude hoarder I actually found the ease of blending a little tricky! It’s very easy to end up over blending and everything getting a little muddy if you’re not careful, so go easy with your blending brush.

It being so easy to blend is a definite pro in my books as it means you can throw together a nude look pretty quickly. Also, I use my nudes a lot as transition shades or to blend the edges so having something so blendable makes things much easier.


The pigmentation is not great with these shadows, but before you write off this palette remember that it’s nudes! While I want good pigmentation from my coloured shadows, for nudes generally I want something that I’m going to need to build. Because I use these a lot for transition shades and blending, or to define my crease to add a bit of dimension I don’t want to be trying to blend out a super pigmented colour.

freedom 12 audacious mattes nude swatches

On top of primer these eyeshadows do give good colour pay off, especially if you build them a little. In my first impressions video you’ll see the colour payoff with one pan swipe (no digging) and one swatch swipe. The shot below is after I’ve built the swatches on the primer a little, and when I say a little, I mean a little. I only build them up enough so they didn’t look patchy on the primer, so it was probably one extra pan dip per shade.

With the lighter shades it was really hard to tell what kind of colour payoff I was getting because they’re so close to my own skin tone. The primer I used was tinted so in the swatches the colour you can see is actually the primer tint showing through because it the primer was darker than the shadows.

I used the middle light shade (number two from the left) as an all over the primer shadow with the primer blended out a bit better and they were great for just evening out the skin tone and taking away a little of that stickiness.


The shades look really cool toned in the pan, but once you get them on they are slightly warmer than they looked. I love the range of shades included because it does look like there are shades that would work for every undertone. Although if you’re into the warm toned eye looks that are in fashion right now then this palette probably isn’t the one for you.

Freedom 12 Audacious Mattes Palette (Nudes)
Also, because I have a cool undertone 😎 shades do appear a bit warmer on me than they would on a warm toned person because of the contrast between the skin and the shadows.

There are a couple of shades that would work pretty well as contour shades. Again the fact that the shadows aren’t super pigmented without a base or primer means you’d be able to build it up as a contour. The dark shades (middle two in the bottom row) look really dark in the pan, but because they don’t come out that pigmented without primer they’d work really well for me.


Because they’re nudes they’re super wearable. This a great palette for days when you just want to do something super quick with not much effort.


The packaging is pretty standard. It’s got quite a secure lid that clicks shut. Tbh I don’t carry my eyeshadow palettes around in my handbag, but if I did I wouldn’t worry too much about this one popping open on it’s own.

Freedom 12 Audacious Mattes Palette (Nudes) Packaging

The lid is see through so you can see the shades which as with all clear plastic palettes it manages to scuff itself up just sitting on the shelf somehow. Sometimes I feel like there’s a toy story makeup situation going on and that’s how my palettes manage to get so scuffed!

There isn’t a mirror in the palette either, but seeing as I do my eyeshadow at home in front of a mirror that’s no big deal for me.

It does come with one of those double ended spongey applicators which I never use, so if you’re into applying your makeup with that weird spongey thing you get one of those too. Like with most palettes that have an applicator there’s a special little spot in there for it. For me that spot always ends up empty because I always lose that applicator and then am forever annoyed by that blank space.

The ingredients are listed on the back which I love, I hate having to google for the ingredients of the crap I smother on my face! Oh, and there’s no shade names. Considering they’re nudes that’s no big deal, but when you make youtube videos it’s a bit of a pain to not have shade names to refer too.

I love the way the shadows are laid out in order as well.


I’m really pleased with this palette. For £4 it’s a total bargain. Obviously at that price you’re not buying the most amazing eyeshadows in the world, but I think the formula is great. It’s really quick and easy to blend, and can be built up to the intensity you’re looking for.

When I run out of this I would probably repurchase it because I think it’s a great addition to my kit and it’s way better than having a tonne of different singles rolling around!

You do get some fallout with the shadows, but nothing too dramatic. It’s not a deal breaker for me seeing as it’s so easy to clean up that fallout.

Pros and Cons

  • Cheap
  • Soft & Blendable
  • Nice Shade Range
  • Lot’s of cool tones along with some warmer and some yellow tones)
  • Would work as a contour
  • Not too pigmented without primer (possibly a con for other people)
  • Nice and pigmented with primer or base
  • Ingredients listed on the back
  • Great for transition shades
  • A bit of fallout
  • Packaging is easy to scuff
  • No shade names
  • Double ended sponge applicator thingamybob
  • No mirror
  • Lighter shades have very little colour payoff even on primer
  • Not very pigmented without primer (possibly a pro for some people like me)


Have any of you guys tried out this palette? What did you all think of it? I did pick up a few other bits from the freedom range that I’ll be trying out as soon as I’ve got a chance so keep your eye out for more posts about it!