It’s another day in the Halloween Tea Party! I wanted to avoid the classic chicken pox looking pop art lady and do something a little different. This look is brilliant for anyone that’s short on time and still wants to look amazing. The reason it’s so fast is you get to skip all that time you would usually spend contouring and highlighting and blending your eyeshadow and just draw lines around everything instead.

You don’t need a whole lot of makeup products to pull this on off either. There’s also two variations of this look, so you can either do it with the extra scribbles on your face, or stop at the brows/eyes/lips combo, let me know which one you prefer in the comments. Oh, and feel free to pick your own colours, it’s a great look for using colours that complement your eyes.

As always here’s my tips if you don’t want to sit through the video:


  • Heavy coverage foundation is great for this look, you want to really make everything look flat.
  • Eyeliner felt tips tend to get gunked up with product (maybe the one I’m using is a bit crap?) so if you’re having trouble with yours a gel or liquid is a good way to go, I’d avoid kohl as it’ll probably smudge.
  • Don’t swipe eyeshadow onto the base, pat it, mine is packed on likes it’s going on a month long holiday because I really wanted that solid opaque colour.
  • Using an eyeshadow base that matches the colour you’re going to put on it will make it more opaque – you could use an eyeliner or a cream eyeshadow if you have the right kind of shade.
  • When you’re packing the eyeshadow on tilt your head forward slightly or to the side, this should help with the fallout.
  • When you line your lips look straight on in the mirror so that the line looks even all the way round, the curves/angles of lips can make the lines look uneven if you move your reflection too much.
  • If you’ve got dark brows it can be hard to cover them up enough to use a light eyeshadow, so it’s best to go for something that’s not going to show your natural brows too much
  • For the lashes a set that are quite “spiky” add to the drawn on affect

As always there’s two product lists, my recommended product guide to do this look, and the actual products that I’ve used.

Recommended Products:

For the foundation

  • Colour Corrector/Concealer
  • Heavy Coverage Foundation that matches your skin
  • Matching face powder/translucent powder

For the lips

  • Red liner
  • Red lipstick (liquid to matte is my fave especially for this kind of look)
  • Black liner (Gel works well if you don’t have a black lip liner)
  • White liquid to matte lipstick for the shine mark

For the eyes

  • White eyeshadow base
  • Eyeshadow (a bright shade that complements your eyes)
  • Black liner to outline the eyeshadow
  • Spiky lashes

For the eyebrows

  • White eyeshadow base
  • Eyeshadow (a bright shade that complements the eye look)
  • Black liner to outline the brows

For the “scribbles”

  • Black liner

Specific Products I used

For the foundation

  • Makeup Revolution Colour Corrector Palette – Orange and Green
  • Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette
  • Makeup Revolution Matte Effect Foundation in Cool Ivory
  • MUA Matte Perfect Translucent Powder

For the eyes

  • NYX White eyeshadow base
  • Sleek Ultra Mattes v1 (Brights) in Bolt
  • MUA Lashes in Vixen (discontinued)
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black

For the eyebrows

    • NYX White eyeshadow base
    • Sleek Ultra Mattes v1 (Brights) in Pout
    • Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black

For the lips

  • Essence Lip Liner in Ready for Red
  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet in Keep Trying for You
  • NYX White Eyeshadow Base
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black

I hope you like this look guys! If you’re wearing it out for halloween then I hope you have an absolutely amazing time.

Recreated this look?

As always, if you recreate this look, I’d love to see how it turns out! If you post it to social media and want to let me have a peek at your skills then you can tag me in the post (@teaisforteagan) and use the hashtag #halloweenteaparty to join the party.

Competition Time!

I’m having a little halloween competition over on instagram where you can post your own halloween look, hashtag it with #halloweenteapartycomp and tag me in the picture to be in with a chance of winning some goodies. The full details are over on my instagram if you feel like showing off your skills.